About Us

Santa Barbara Chili Roasting Co. is a division of American General Tool Group that manufactures and distributes grade propane and natural gas rotating roasting drums for roasting a wide variety of food items including chilies and corn. Santa Barbara Chili Roasters has built its product portfolio on the back of chili heads' evaluations and years of expertise which has resulted in an original and innovative product line that addresses the desires of all foodies with performance, quality and utility.

Santa Barbara Chili Roasters is committed to improve its product range to better suit our target customer base. We employ class leading manufacturing standards and couple it with premium materials and design to come up with products that excel in performance and durability. Over the years, distinguished foodies and companies have attempted to purchase quality, long lasting chili and vegetable roasters with almost no luck. Santa Barbara Chili Roaster Co. was a disrupting force born out of the lack of industrial grade roasting products for the chili roasting community and individuals seeking a long lasting quality chili and vegetable roaster at value pricing.

We remain devoted to bring the best of products in future trusting in contemporary engineering and innovation and pursuing the excellence in terms of quality, value and overall utility.